16-20 Nov 2015 Roscoff (France)

DNA Methylation and Demethylation Conference

Registrations are now closed.
If you still want to apply, please contact deborah.bourchis@curie.fr

The aim of this conference is to discuss the latest insights and future developments in the field of DNA methylation
and other forms of cytosine modifications, with experts in molecular and cellular biology, development and biochemistry,
working on mammalian or plant models.
Six thematic sessions will be held to address the most relevant questions: 
1- Genome-wide distribution of modified cytosines
2- Instructors of DNA methylation patterns
3- Readers of DNA methylation patterns
4- Inheritance of DNA methylation patterns across generations
5- DNA methylation in health and disease
6- Towards single-cell approaches

Participants and talks

The total number of participants is limited to 115 ; all participants are expected to attend the whole duration of the conference.
It is recommended that all selected participants present their work during the conference, either in poster or talk form.
Selection will be made by the organizers on the basis of the affinity of potential participants with the topics of the conference.
We have a list of 29 invited speakers.
Twelve additional short talks will be selected from abstracts.


Invited speakers: you will be contacted after Sept 7th for the organization of your travel and accomodation.
Selected attendees: you will be contacted after Sept 7th for registration paiement and the arrangement of your accomodation.
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